Friday, August 27, 2010

laser sailing downwind

had a week of stiff breezes here in hayling island! 20 knots and an outgoing tide meant the sea really built up on some of the days. hard work both upwind and downwind but an exhilarating ride downhill! lots of capsizes, lost a bit of hearing in the left ear so i went to see a gp earlier today to get it cleared out...

i think i would really really hate to lose my sense of hearing. then i wouldn't get to appreciate nikolai lugansky's piano flourishes in rachmaninoff's paganini rhapsody, like i did at the royal albert hall in london last week. bbc prom 44. which was absolutely magnificent.

now take some time to appreciate this. thanks brett!

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bun said...

that is such a good video!! was waiting for a gybe though. and the upwind must have been tiring. haha. miss you!